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Wasps: Facts, Identification & Removal In Chattanooga

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The State of Tennessee is home to various wasps, and at least four of them are considered aggressive. If you suspect that your property may be invaded by wasps, primarily if they have settled there as a colony, then learn about the best way to get rid of wasp nests. They will increase in size and become more difficult to exterminate as time passes.

In this article, Perfect Blend Pest Solutions will explain the difference between bees and wasps and better understand how to eliminate them. We will also focus on the best way to remove wasps and their nests while preventing them from rebuilding them. If you are looking for experienced wasp nest removal in Chattanooga, contact Perfect Blend Pest Solutions for advice tailored to your specific situation.


The Difference Between Wasps And Bees

Bees and wasps are pollinators, making them an essential part of the ecosystem. But, they also differ in several ways:

  • Bees have fatter, fuzzier bodies, while wasps tend to be slim and shiny.
  • Bees eat pollen and nectar, while wasps can eat meat such as insects.
  • Bees make nests out of wax, while wasps make nests of chewed-up wood particles.
  • After stinging, a bee’s stinger stays behind. Wasps, on the other hand, can sting multiple times.

Just like there is a difference between bees and wasps, there is also a difference between types of wasps. You can reach out to the professionals like Chattanooga pest control company Perfect Blend Pest Solutions to determine the specific type that has taken over your property.

The Way Wasps Work

The best way to get rid of wasps in Chattanooga is to understand the way wasps work. The type you are more likely to encounter in your area is the paper wasp, a dangerous and aggressive type that will nevertheless leave you alone unless threatened. By keeping in mind the following, you can deter paper wasps and other types of wasps from establishing a colony on your property.

  • Leftover food attracts bees and wasps when left out. Remember to clean up right after eating.
  • You can try using some essential oils like peppermint, clove, geranium, and lemongrass, as they can help deter wasps. 
  • Keep all garbage cans closed, so wasps aren’t attracted to their contents, and keep them as clean as possible.

Despite your best efforts, wasps might still settle by your home. If this happens, remember that wasps can be dangerous, and it is best to reach out to a professional to help eliminate them.

The Best Way To Remove Wasps & Their Nest

If, after instituting these tips and you are still in need of wasp nest removal in Chattanooga, now is the time to move on to more aggressive methods. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to eliminate the paper wasps (or other types of wasps).

While it is always tempting to use DIY methods, the best way to get rid of a wasp nest is by hiring experienced technicians. It is safer to remove nests when they are still small and when wasps are less active (in the early morning or late at night, for example), but there is no completely safe time to remove a wasp nest independently.

Prevent Wasps From Rebuilding Their Nests

Now that you’ve had a professional pest control team remove the nests safely keeping them from returning is your next step. To help you increase your chances of a wasp-free property long term, follow these methods:

  • Do not leave food out around your home.
  • Keep entrances to your home shut as much as possible, and consider installing nets or screens on your windows.
  • Planting mint, lemongrass, citronella, clove, sage, rosemary, geranium, chamomile, thyme, fennel, wintergreen, and sweet marjoram can help deter wasps.
  • Keep all garbage cans closed and compost piles covered.

Wasps are a nuisance that no one wants to have on their property. Suppose you struggle with a new infestation or invasion despite your best efforts. In that case, the best way to get rid of wasps in Chattanooga is to rely on the expertise of professional and experienced technicians.

Our experts at Pest Control company Perfect Blend Pest Solutions are ready to help make your wasp problem a thing of the past.

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