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The Secret To Effective Fire Ant Control In Chattanooga

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When is the last time you could enjoy your yard without having to worry about being attacked by pests? In our area, there are many species of bugs that regularly cause people harm. Some that come to mind include bees, wasps, and ants. One ant species people regularly ask us about is the fire ant. If you cannot go outside without finding these small and painful pests, let us help you. Here is everything you should know about fire ants and one secret to controlling them around your Chattanooga yard.

Why Fire Ants Are Dangerous

Two things make fire ants dangerous. The first is their sharp mouthparts. These pests use these mouthparts to pierce the skin of humans and animals, thankfully, not to the point of drawing blood. The second and more painful thing these pests do is sting you. Each fire ant has a venom-filled stinger which it uses to kill smaller prey and hurt larger predators. If fire ants have ever attacked you, their venom is the cause of the sharp and burning sensation that comes after an attack. If you are allergic to insect venom, fire ants could pose more harm than just a bit of pain. Consult your doctor to learn your risk.

The Reason Fire Ants Invade Yards

Fire ants build their nests near areas where they can gather food. Considering that these pests have an extensive diet, they usually have no problem creating their nests in a variety of locations. If fire ants are in your yard, it is most likely because it is warm, sunny, and has food on it.

Do Fire Ants Invade Homes?

Fire ants are not like other household pests. They will not invade to search for food or moisture. These pests break into homes only to seek shelter from unfavorable conditions outdoors like inclement weather. You are most likely to find a fire ant inside your home during the winter months or during regular storms.

Some Prevention Tips For Fire Ants

Out of all the pests living in our area, fire ants are some of the most difficult to prevent. However, some strategies can deter them from building their nests in area lawns. To help you protect your property against fire ants, here are some tips and tricks to use.

  • Clean your trash bins regularly, use liners to keep them clean, and make sure they have insect-proof lids.
  • After eating or drinking outdoors, make sure to clean things up thoroughly, not leaving any snacks for fire ants to scavenge.
  • Avoid feeding your pets outside or clean out their bowls after every meal.
  • Pick up fruit, berries, and other produce that drops into your yard.
  • Address aphid problems around your property.
  • Make sure to seal your home’s exterior foundation properly.

One Effective Solution To Fire Ant Problems

As difficult as fire ants are to prevent, they are much more challenging to eliminate. If your yard is crawling with these invasive and painful pests, do not hesitate to involve the experts at Perfect Blend Pest Solutions. Our licensed experts understand how problematic fire ants can be and have the experience, tools, and treatments needed to identify, eliminate, and control these nasty bugs. With a commitment to our community and a passion for customer services, you can be sure we are your best choice for the job at hand.

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