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The Best Way To Protect Yourself From Chattanooga Mosquitoes

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News flash! Chattanooga has one of the world’s “most dangerous animals,” zooming around its city limits. Think something got loose from the Chattanooga Zoo? Nope, this dangerous insect has free reign throughout all areas of Chattanooga. Surprisingly tiny for its “big” reputation, the mosquito can pack a powerful punch in the form of the health risks it carries. It is currently on the loose and ready to make you its next blood meal.

Here's A Quick Way To Identify Mosquitoes In Chattanooga

Would it surprise you to learn that over one million people die every year because of mosquito bites? Every year mosquitoes transmit diseases like malaria, the West Nile virus, and the Eastern equine encephalitis to humans. With all these disturbing facts, people are wise to learn how to recognize mosquitos, know what they like, and take note of what helps keep them away.

Below are five identifying characteristics of mosquitos:

  1. These skinny insects measure between 1/8 inch to 3/8 inches long.
  2. They have six legs.
  3. Their mouthparts are long (called a proboscis).
  4. Their coloring can vary, ranging from grey to black. Some have blue, green, or white markings.
  5. They have narrow, hairy wings.

The Secret To Mosquito Prevention In Chattanooga

Whether you are up to hiking trails at the Smoky Mountains National Park or just hanging out in your backyard, mosquitos are always on the hunt for fresh blood. It’s just facts, folks; if you are outside trying to relax and have a good time, mosquitos are never too far away. There are some steps people can take while out and about that will help prevent mosquitos from irritating and feasting on you.

Six prevention methods for protecting yourself from mosquitos while outside include:

  1. If out and about, wear light-colored clothing.
  2. Plan activities outside the dusk to dawn period when most mosquitoes are highly active. 
  3. Plan to enjoy your outdoor excursions on a breezy day. (Mosquitoes have a hard time landing in winds higher than one mile per hour.)
  4. Keep your body cool. If you exercise, wear tightly woven fabrics to cover your exposed skin.
  5. When outdoors, wear mosquito repellent.
  6. Clean-up before heading out. Bacteria, especially on the ankles and feet, are said to attract mosquitoes.

Little-Known Mosquito Attractions In The Chattanooga Area

You may not be an “outdoorsy” type, but the backyard is your sanctuary; you are in danger too! If the weather is warm and moisture abounds, the mosquito has a perfect place to stop. Property owners are sometimes unaware that they have made their yards into a haven for mosquito activity. Since there are ways to mosquito-proof your property, homeowners are wise to inspect their yards for areas that make ideal breeding grounds.

Suggestions for mosquito proofing your property include:

  • Address any drainage issues around your yard; keep yards leveled to prevent accumulating water traps.
  • Keep gutters cleaned so that moisture flows freely and drains quickly.
  • Remove items from yards where water can collect and stagnate.
  • Cycle water features, so there is no standing or stagnant water.
  • Trim and mow the yard and keep it free from leaf litter.

The Best Remedy For Mosquito Prevention in Chattanooga

Even the best-prepared property owners can have mosquito infestations that will drive them mad. Perfect Blend Pest Solutions has extensive knowledge and experience dealing with the problems mosquitoes can bring to your property. We are a company dedicated to providing our customers expert professional pest control services. Call Perfect Blend Pest Solutions today to learn more about our pest prevention services.

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