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Arguably the most destructive pests Chattanooga property owners face are termites. Termites eat away at your building over time. Even worse, they’re challenging to detect since they’re so small, and they get deep into the building’s structure. With enough time and a large enough colony, you can experience vast amounts of costly damage to your home or business.

Analyzing Termite Damage

Understandably, you might think the termite’s small size means the damage won’t be severe. However, these pests harm your property in two specific ways:

  • Structural damage: Every organic material that makes up a building’s structure is at risk when termites invade. The more your structural integrity is compromised, the more dangerous the conditions are. Structural damage is also costly, and usually, homeowners’ insurance will not cover termite damage because it is considered preventable.
  • Cosmetic damage: Termites can also damage your drywall, paint, flooring, and other items that are more cosmetic in nature. Again, insurance rarely covers termite damage, which can lead to direct damage to your wallet.

Our Termite Control Process

Since a termite infestation is terrible for any property owner to experience, our technicians waste no time in eliminating them from the premises. Despite our speed, we still take the time to ensure you get the best results possible.

Without fail, we always begin with a full inspection of the home during which, we check your crawl space, attic, and other areas. During this inspection, we check for signs of a termite infestation.

After completing the inspection, we get started on your treatment, which we customize to your unique needs. Our treatments include a combination of the following:

We provide a re-treatment warranty with an annual renewal for our termite control services, which can be renewed after five years.

Termite Infestation Signs

We mentioned signs of a termite infestation previously. Still, there are signs you can look for to better your chances of identifying a termite issue in Chattanooga before it becomes a huge problem. Some common signs of an infestation include but aren’t limited to:

  • A termite swarm
  • Wings left behind after termite swarm
  • Mud tubes
  • Hollow wood

Do you suspect a termite infestation in your Signal Mountain home? Have you noticed swarms of termites around your Signal Mountain business? Reach out to our technicians at Perfect Blend Pest Solutions today to learn more about your termite control options and become termite-free in no time.

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