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Expert Pest Management In Ooltewah, TN

There are many ways pest problems can arise in Ooltewah, Tennessee. You may have nuisance pests get into your home, like stink bugs or Asian lady beetles. You may find wasps buzzing around in your landscaping, see a nest forming on the side of your home, or you may see mud lines on your foundation walls. Perhaps you may find worker termites crawling underneath a dead branch in your yard.

The best solution for pests in Ooltewah is to be proactive about preventing pest problems inside and outside of your home. This is our topic today. Join us as we look at how Marion County pest control can give you layers of pest protection that build on a long-lasting foundation of all-natural pest management.

Residential Pest Control In Ooltewah, TN

Perfect Blend Pest Solutions is a locally-owned company run by a blended family with an entrepreneurial spirit. We work hard to be adaptable and adjustable, prioritizing reliability and flexibility to meet your ever-changing needs. Our customized pest solutions are backed by science, and our familiarity with the local area gives us the expertise necessary to bring you the pest-free results you deserve. Call today to get your free estimate and inspection.

When is the best time to deal with stink bugs? After you’ve had them crawling in your curtains, bouncing off your ceiling, and divebombing you in the kitchen? Of course not. The best time to deal with stink bugs and a long list of other common Jasper pests is before they become a problem.

At the heart of residential pest control is pest infestation prevention. The team here at Perfect Blend Pest Solutions puts layers of protection in place, beginning with all-natural solutions.

  • We reduce the number of spider webs to reduce spider populations and to deter spiders from creating webs.
  • We knock down paper wasp nests so those wasps don’t catch you by surprise.
  • We use traps, glue boards, and baits to target certain pests to reduce their populations.
  • We seal gaps, cracks, and holes to create a physical barrier.
  • We apply a liquid treatment to your exterior and other key locations. Doing this prevents tiny pests from finding tiny entry points that haven’t been sealed.
  • We apply granular applications to reduce pest activity in landscaping and in the zone around your home.

Your pest control plan provides layers of protection to keep pests out of your home. Along with this, we consider unique pests that require additional control, such as termites and mosquitoes. Termites can sneak under your pest control barrier. Mosquitoes can find resting places above your pest control barrier. We help you find a complete solution for all the pests that concern you.

Commercial Pest Control In Ooltewah, TN

Our six-point commercial pest control service, which includes evaluation, cleaning, exclusions, treatments, maintenance, and monitoring, works to provide your business with environmentally friendly pest control you can trust.

  • Evaluation. We inspect your business and property and evaluate pest activity, pest routes, conducive conditions, potential entry points, and more.
  • We do the hard work of cleaning up spider webs, dead insects, spent traps, and other things that promote pest activity and infestation.
  • We seal entry points in your exterior to create a physical barrier that pests will have a difficult time getting past.
  • We apply treatments to bolster your exterior protection and to reduce pest populations, prevent breeding, prevent pest development, address conducive conditions, and more.
  • We maintain your defenses by providing routine service visits, appropriate treatments, and other essential pest maintenance.
  • We monitor the success of your program and adapt your services the make sure you have the most effective control possible.

Is your business in Ooltewah, Tennessee? Reach out to Perfect Blend Pest Solutions for the perfect blend of pest control services for your specific needs.    

How To Tell If Your Ooltewah Property Has A Termite Problem

The termites that threaten properties in our area are called subterranean termites. These termites are sneaky and are able to damage properties for years without providing any noticeable warning signs. We recommend taking the time to look for these signs. If you would prefer help, you could have one of our licensed technicians perform inspections for you.

  • Shelter tubes – Subterranean termites create above-ground tubes in hidden places in order to feed on the wood of man-made structures.
  • Worker termites – These tiny insects can be found under dead branches, logs, cookout wood, scrap wood, stacks of cardboard, and other food sources in your yard. 
  • Swarmer wings – Termite swarms last for less than thirty minutes. Often, the shed wings of termite swarmers are the only visible evidence of termite activity.
  • Termite damage – While subterranean termites rarely create damage that can be seen, it is possible to find damage in dark or humid spaces.

If signs are found, connect with our team to decide on which termite control solution will work best for you. Our technicians have the training and experience to make sure your termite control is properly applied.

Why Professional Mosquito Control Is So Essential For Ooltewah, TN

Mosquitoes are annoying pests. They also have the ability to make you sick. While your chances of being exposed to a deadly virus or having deadly symptoms are very low here in the United States, the risk is always present. But this really isn’t the reason to get mosquito control. It is only a side benefit. The real reason that it is essential to get professional mosquito control is that you can have your backyard back.

Torches, candles, sprays, plants, and other deterrents don’t really work and they can be as annoying as the mosquitoes themselves. Professional mosquito control works to make your yard a no-fly zone for mosquitoes. At Perfect Blend Pest Solutions, we have a three-part process that addresses adult mosquitoes and arrests mosquito reproduction. Connect with us today to learn how this works to make your yard a much nicer place to be.

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