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Reliable Pest Solutions In Lookout Mountain, TN

Most pests in Lookout Mountain are harmless annoyances. But there are certain pests that can cause sickness and damage property. These pests are why it is a good idea to get Hamilton County pest control. As you consider what pest control provider to select, we hope you’ll keep in mind the benefits of selecting Perfect Blend Pest Solutions. Our technicians roll their sleeves up and do the hard work required in order to give you the best protection possible. Join us as we discuss how elbow grease is essential for effective pest control in Lookout Mountain.

Residential Pest Control In Lookout Mountain, TN

Perfect Blend Pest Solutions is a locally-owned company run by a blended family with an entrepreneurial spirit. We work hard to be adaptable and adjustable, prioritizing reliability and flexibility to meet your ever-changing needs. 

Our customized pest solutions are backed by science, and our familiarity with the local area gives us the expertise necessary to bring you the pest-free results you deserve. Call today to get your free estimate and inspection.

Long before liquid treatments are applied, there are many ways we work to provide you with the layers of home pest control protection needed to keep harmful pests out. Here are the six points of service we apply:

  1. Evaluation – Your technician will consider pest activity, pest routes, conducive conditions, breeding sites, and other important factors.
  2. Remove & Clean – Your technician isn’t afraid to do the hard work of removing spider webs, dead insects, wasp nests, spent traps, and doing other pest maintenance.
  3. Seal & Secure – Your technician applies a physical barrier in key locations to make it more difficult for pests to find a route into your home.
  4. Treat – Appropriately selected treatments target certain pests and reduce pest populations. When you have less pest activity, you’ll have fewer pests attempting to get inside your home.
  5. Maintain – Your technician will visit your home on a routine basis and apply treatments and pest maintenance as needed. You can spend your time thinking about life instead of thinking about pest control.
  6. Adapt & Adjust – Your technician monitors pest activity and alters your pest control service to meet unique pest pressures and address particularly troublesome pests.

These points of service work together to provide active protection that is always being adapted to meet the pest pressures in your yard and it targets pests in key areas such as your garage, attic, or crawlspace.

Above all, your service provides layers of protection that include many solutions that are 100 percent eco-friendly. These eco-friendly services require more elbow grease, but we don’t cut corners. We understand the benefits of building your pest control on long-lasting control options such as exclusions, clean-up, and management of conducive conditions.

Commercial Pest Control In Lookout Mountain, TN

Pests are not good for business. Our six points of service ensure that you’ll have the best protection from interior pest problems. We also work with you to find solutions to unique pest problems that impact your industry.

As an example, hotels, motels, and resorts can benefit from our guidance in creating a bed bug service plan that addresses the threat bed bugs can present. We customize your commercial pest control service plan to meet your specific needs and budget.

Five Easy Ways To Keep Rodents Out Of Your Lookout Mountain Home

Along with providing industry-leading residential pest control service, we also provide helpful tips for managing pests. Rodents are a great example. Long before you ever have to reach out to us for expert rodent control, we hope you’ll use these tips to prevent rodent infestations in the first place:

  1. Remove rodent hiding places. Mice and rats use objects to help them navigate, and they use objects in your yard as hiding places. They’re particularly attracted to organic hiding places such as stacked wood, brush piles, and dense vegetation. Yard work and clutter removal are key for rodent management.
  2. Address smells that can attract rodents. Rodents can smell a dirty trash receptacle from a distance. Clean and deodorize your receptacles to remove the smells that attract rodents.
  3. Remove food sources rodents prefer. Mice and rats eat seeds and nuts. If you have bird feeders, move them away from your exterior. If you have nut-producing trees, try to stay on top of cleaning those nuts up.
  4. Remove potential entry points rodents can use to get inside your home. Use a caulking gun and expanding foam to seal gaps and holes.
  5. Remove pathways. Trim branches away from your roofline. Put wire mesh in your downspouts and protect gable vents with hardware cloth.

If you take these steps, you may never have to get rodent control, but if you need professional rodent control, you can count on Perfect Blend Pest Solutions. We apply custom-tailored rodent control to provide exactly what you need. Some of the methods we use are bait boxes, live capture, glue boards, snap traps, exclusion work, etc. We support this service with three follow up visits to make sure your home no longer has rodent activity.

Are The Wasps Around My Lookout Mountain Property Dangerous?

If you see a wasp in your yard, you shouldn’t have anything to fear. Wasps are beneficial insects. They help with pollination and they help you with your pest control. Yep, you heard that right. Wasps help with pest control because they eat protein sources such as spiders.

Wasps don’t cause trouble unless they create a nest on your property. Nests present a danger because wasps have a nest-protection instinct. If you have ongoing pest service from Perfect Blend Pest Solutions, we catch wasp nests early and prevent wasps from presenting a threat to you and your family. Connect with us today to learn more or to schedule service.


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