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How Do Mice Find Their Way Into Chattanooga Homes?

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Mice are small rodents with some impressive skills. If you’re wondering how they are getting into your Chatanooga home, you might actually be surprised by our answer. Today, we’re going to discuss the idea of mouse control in a way you may have never thought about it. Here are some facts about mice that help them get into Chattanooga homes.


Mice Can Climb Like Crazy

We often hear, “How do mice get in attic spaces?” or, “how do mice get in upstairs apartments?” It can seem mysterious when you consider how small a mouse is. But, while certainly small, mice are gifted climbers.

  • A mouse can scale some exterior walls faster than an expert mountain climber.
  • A mouse can race up a tree like a squirrel and leap as far as four feet to get onto your roof.
  • A mouse can get into a downspout and climb up through your gutters to get onto your roof.
  • If a mouse gets into a wall void, it can work its way up from floor to floor and from apartment to apartment.

Mice Can Squeeze

It doesn’t take much of a hole for small rodents to get into your Chatanooga home. But it is worse than you think. At between 2 ½ to 3 ¾ inches long, house mice are only about 1 inch tall. They can take that 1-inch profile and slip through a hole the size of a dime. This is because mice are squishy. The rule of thumb is: If a mouse can fit its skull through a hole, it can fit the rest of its body through.

  • A mouse can squeeze through a gap in the weatherstripping around your exterior doors or past a damaged door sweep.
  • A mouse can squeeze through a gap around a pipe that penetrates your foundation.

Mice Can Gnaw Through A Piece Of Wood

Mice are strongly attracted to firewood, stacked lumber, wood scraps, branch piles, and any other wood found in Chattanooga yards. They’re also attracted to rotting wood on our homes. If you have a rotting sill (also called a sole plate), this can create the perfect opportunity for wild mice to get into your home and become house mice. A mouse has strong incisors that are able to chew through a sound piece of wood. They don’t have any trouble chewing through rotted wood. They’ll also use these teeth to chew through other things.

  • A mouse can chew a quick hole in a screen.
  • A mouse can chew through the rubber of weatherstripping and door sweep material.
  • A mouse can chew through a door or window frame, given enough motivation.
  • A mouse can gnaw on concrete gaps and make them just large enough to squeeze through.

Should You Be Surprised To Hear Mice Squeaking In Your Walls?

In nature, wild mice will get into trees to hide. It only makes sense for mice to hide in wall voids. If you hear mice squeaking in your walls, you shouldn’t wonder how or why they got in there. The only question you need the answer to is, “What is the best way to get rid of mice?

How To Get Rid Of Mice In Chattanooga

When you hear mice in your home, reach out to Perfect Blend Pest Solutions. Our licensed technicians use industry-leading control strategies to locate, remove, and exclude rodents from Chattanooga properties. We know how those mice get in and we know what is required to get them out and keep them out. Connect with us today for immediate assistance. 

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