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Located in the beautiful foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, the city of Chattanooga, TN, is a natural gem. We get to explore all the joys of Mother nature, and with our town running along the Tennessee River, the adventure never stops. Unfortunately, one kind of adventure that no Chattanooga property owner wants to face is a pest infestation. These invaders pose an ongoing threat to local home and business owners, and it’s important to seek the proper pest protection your Chattanooga property deserves.

Home Pest Control In Chattanooga, TN

Perfect Blend Pest Solutions is a locally-owned company run by a blended family with an entrepreneurial spirit. We work hard to be adaptable and adjustable, prioritizing reliability and flexibility to meet your ever-changing needs. Our customized pest solutions are backed by science, and our familiarity with the local area gives us the expertise necessary to bring you the pest-free results you deserve. Call today to get your free estimate and inspection.

We know every home and every family is different, with their own set of needs. That’s why we cater our home pest control solutions to meet your specific needs, customizing services for your unique family and home. Our home pest control services in Chattanooga include:

  • Interior and exterior treatments.
  • Garage, attic, and crawlspaces.
  • Glue traps and snap traps.
  • Customizable and non-invasive treatments. 
  • Exterior ongoing services, and interior as needed. 
  • Additional services for termites, mosquitoes, and rodent exclusion.

Whatever household pest problem you’re facing, you can count on us to help. We use dependable IPM (Integrated Pest Management) strategies to guarantee results that last.

 We also offer same-day and emergency services to give you the peace of mind of 24/7 protection. Reach out to us to discuss your residential pest control needs today.

Commercial Pest Control In Chattanooga, TN

To protect your Chattanooga business from harmful pests, call on the professionals at Perfect Blend Pest Solutions. We’ve provided year-round pest protection to all kinds of local facilities, including office buildings, retail stores, warehouses, multi-family housing, hotels, restaurants. We offer general pest control, along with rodent control, termite control, and mosquito control. Protect your business and protect your reputation with professional pest control and reach out to us to request your complimentary inspection right away.

The Secret To Effective Rodent Control For Chattanooga Property Owners

Rodents are unsanitary pests that contaminate surfaces and transmit diseases, posing a real health threat to those nearby. If you want to prevent a rodent infestation from occurring on your property, there are some preventative measures you can take.

  • Be sure to seal up any entry points and block off cracks and crevices. Keep living areas clean, eliminate clutter, and store trash in a metal container with a tightly fitted lid. Eliminate food and water sources—store food and belongings in gnaw-proof containers. Keep woodpiles and tree trimmings away from home and garage. 
  • Unfortunately, even if you implement all of these preventative measures, rodents can still be a problem.

Perfect Blend Pest Solutions is here to rid your Chattanooga property of all rodent activity and prevent it in the future. We do a full interior and exterior inspection to determine entry points, damage, and signs of rodents. Then, we come up with a customized treatment to fit your needs and requirements.

Some of our rodent control treatments include:

  • Bait boxes are placed around the exterior (in child and pet-friendly locations).
  • Live capture methods.
  • Glue boards and snap traps in active areas.
  • Exclusion, including smaller repairs to entry points.
  • 12-month warranties.
  • Three follow-up visits after the initial service and exclusion. 

Call us today for the most lasting, effective rodent control services in the area. We’re ready to bring you ongoing coverage from rodent infestations and the peace of mind that comes with pest-free living.

How To Spot Termite Problems In & Around Your Chattanooga Home

Termite damage is an absolute nightmare that can cost you tons of money in structural damage. The destruction makes your house an unsafe place to inhabit, and that puts you and your loved ones in harm’s way. To detect a termite infestation, common signs to watch for include:

  • Cracking drywall or ceilings and paint that is peeling. 
  • Cracks and crevices along the foundation and any wood to soil contact.
  • Discarded wings on the floor, usually around windows and doors. 
  • Mud tubes in the ground that extend to openings along your foundation. 
  • Windows and doors that don’t fit or open/close quite right. 

If you suspect any termite activity on your property, call in the experts as soon as possible. Perfect Blend Pest Solutions will do a full inspection of crawl spaces and attics to determine all signs of termite activity. We offer customized treatments, ranging from Termidor and spot treatments to foaming and bait stations. Contact us today for all of your termite control and prevention needs in Chattanooga. Our re-treatment warranty promises you results that last, guaranteed.

How To Limit Your Mosquito Exposure Risk In Chattanooga

While many places across the country experience a distinct mosquito season, that’s not necessarily the case in Chattanooga and other parts of the state. Because mosquitoes can hatch in temperatures about 50 degrees, the area provides conducive conditions throughout the year. That said, when the environment is at its warmest and most humid, that’s when you’ll encounter the greatest number of mosquitoes. Here are a few ways to limit your exposure to risky mosquitoes:

  • When spending time outside, opt for unscented personal products like shampoo and laundry detergent and consider applying an EPA-approved product like lemon eucalyptus oil or DEET. It’s also important to stay away from dark-colored clothing and wear long sleeves and pants. 
  • Stay indoors during the hours of dawn and dusk. 
  • Cut back on the amount of alcohol you consume and try not to sweat. 
  • Plant greenery like rosemary, thyme, and basil for a garden that tastes good and has elements that naturally repel mosquitoes. You might also want to try planting marigolds, citronella, and lavender. 
  • Maintain a tidy yard by eliminating yard debris, scaling back hedges, and eliminating sites of standing water.
  • Work with a pest control specialist. 

For more information on mosquito control in Chattanooga, call Perfect Blend Pest Solutions today.

Ants: The Good And The Bad

When it comes to the ants in Chattanooga, there are some that are a simple nuisance and others that are far more dangerous. Take the odorous house ant, for example. They usually end up in local kitchens picking through garbage and recycling because they are attracted to syrupy foods like juice and even hand soap, as well as greasy leftovers like fries. And while they might smell like rotten coconuts when they get squished, they don’t pose a danger to people.

There are also little black ants that act similarly to odorous house ants in that they are an inconvenience and are usually looking for food. The carpenter ant, however, is a damaging species because it seeks to destroy the wood around properties by burrowing inside of it. The fire ant is a species that usually lives outdoors and builds mounds in lawns as a method of accessing shelter below the ground. If they are provoked they will deliver a painful sting.

For more information on complete ant control, contact Perfect Blend Pest Solutions today.

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